About Me

Hi! I’m Jake Stuchbury-Wass. A PhD Student in the Mobile Systems Group in the Computer Lab at The University of Cambridge supervised by Prof. Cecilia Mascolo. Before this, I did a degree in Information and Computer Engineering also at Cambridge as well as an MRes at the Sensor CDT. I’m supported by an EPSRC studentship and a sponsorship from Atos. I’m a keen cyclist and cycling aerodyamics through distributed sensing was the focus of my Masters work, I’m always happy to chat about projects in this area! Email: js2372 (at) cam (dot) ac (dot) uk


My research interests include:

  • Mobile Systems
  • Wearables for healthcare
  • Deep Learning
  • Distributed sensing

I also enjoy tinkering with hardware and building prototypes.

Please reach out if you’d like to collaborate!